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Oct 28, 2021
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Claymore is the Armor Division of 5th Column. Currently our doctrine of Armor is determined by personal but is usually two vehicles, one being for utility purposes and other for heavy firepower purposes. Currently Claymore has six slots in total including two for Command (See Discord Bot For Openings). Claymore Command (As Of 10/28/2021) - Captain Cammie (CO) - SSG Trigger (XO) Claymore's primary goal currently is to support Nightmare's (Infantry Division) advance, while being a relay when supplies are needed on the fly if Raider (Air Division) is tied up with other operational issues. Claymore Command (Typically called Claymore 1-1) will usually be in a Utility Vehicle, such as even an APC or IFV. Reason being is their primary objectives is radio communication and resupply, while Claymore's Heavy Vehicles (Typically called Claymore 1-2) will give fire support with heavy ordinance, Claymore 1-2 is usually a MBT or some equivalent.
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SSG Trigger

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